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Join the Cinédécors team by becoming solely responsible

You are a production company or an independent professional located locally, you are creator of your company, we propose you to exploit the brand Cinedécors.
You benefit from 100% of the turnover realized in your territory, you benefit from the help of the network, our client file, our notoriety and search requests of the productions that reach us.

In your territory, you benefit from our visibility and our infrastructure to make the difference!

To receive a complete file, please contact us.

You are assistant director ..., become a collaborator in your region

Your activity is linked to the search for sets and shooting locations, you would like to make profitable the places with high potential that you find during your missions, but of which you lose too quickly the "paternity" by the production companies and other teams that 'Take it effortlessly by' word of mouth '...

By registering these places with Cinédécors, you will retain control of them while preserving your anonymity. Cinédécors sells them for you in its catalog.
For each film rental on one of your premises, Cinédécors pays you a 25% commission on its turnover related to the places you have registered.
Cinédécors creates a personal access account to our database allowing remote and live registration to the catalog. Any request from the productions and their processing are transmitted to you for information and your follow-up.

It is a real collaboration put together. For more information, please contact us.

You are a manager of private property or a community heritage, or a local tracking agency

Your activity is linked to the proposal of shooting locations, their owners have entrusted you with the management of the requests of photographs. You want to increase your commercial exposure by publishing your places on our catalog. You benefit from the technical infrastructure of the Cinédécors site without incurring the costs and maintenance. You benefit from customer requests centralized by Cinédécors and its client file for prospects. You publish your places directly on our catalog, without being obliged to give us the coordinates and the contacts of the place.

The only contact information of the place is you! Cinédécors does not take any commission on your rentals.
You receive directly on-line the requests from the productions or Cinédécors you relays them instantly.

Publication 5 to 10 places: 22 € HT per place per year
Publication 11 to 30 places: 18 € HT per place per year
Publication 31 to 100 places: 12 € HT per place per year
Beyond 101 places: 9 € HT per place per year

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