The domain of LESIGNY Castle, located 25 km from Paris by the A4 motorway, is an intriguing place. With a history entwined with that of France, the castle of Lésigny has hosted great historic figures over the centuries such as: Louis XIII and Anne of Austria, Catherine and Marie de Medici, the Maréchal Concini and his wife the famous Léonora Dori or "Galigaï", Charles de Luynes, Marie de Rohan, and the Duke of Bourbon-Penthievre. While the chateau offers a unique renaissance setting the domain lends itself to endless possibilities of scenery and décor. The estate is an ideal playground for filmmakers and television producers as well as for advertising photographers, offering the main ballrooms to private receptions.
The estate includes more than 54 hectares of natural landscapes, 3 bodies of water, a wild forest, bridle paths, a vegetable garden and meadows in an enclosed and peaceful space. The castle itself makes for many sets of a Renaissance Louis XIII style castle, surrounded by a moat, built on an ancient medieval fortress. The vast basement of the large underground gallery is complete with an old kitchen, a fireplace, a bread oven, a prison, dungeons, halls and arcades. The four-story castle includes lounges, ballrooms, rooms, offices and a chapel with fireplaces and coffered beams painted with Renaissance decorations. The upper levels offer marble bathrooms, elegant and simple corridors, a balcony, staircases and attic rooms with unique situations.
The old farmhouse now has two floors that are 25x6.50 meters creating an ideal set for wide and soundproof shots, complete with doubled windows, mud walls, old ceiling beams, slabs or tiles, and several fireplaces. Angled with the building are 25 stable boxes, a large wooden passageway and a saloon or orangery area creating a beautiful cobblestone courtyard and farm area. The small farm areas are quite malleable to accommodate a variety of time frames.
This site offers more than 70 natural sites in a place just 25 km from Paris where you can adapt or create scenery adapted to your vision.
Château :16th century Renaissance castle on medieval courtyards surrounded by moats in water of the 13th century - Old vaulted kitchen with bread oven and well - Prison - Large vaulted rooms - Staircase of honor - Large lounges of style and woodwork - Meeting of 2 salons for creation of a room of 150m ²: Ballroom decor, court, hospital - Vast decorated period fireplaces - Chapel - Marble Art Deco bathrooms - Several rooms - Attic apartments and hallways - Balcony - terraces - granite bridges.
Domaine : Forests - Grasslands - 3 large bodies of water - Commons - Farm - Stables – Dove house - Barn - Tunnels - Cellars - Granite forest house - Wooden cabin in the forest - Paved courts - Empty fountain - Orangery.
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Location reference : A12292

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