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Why rent your house

A real adventure for owners!
The first motivation is of course to generate substantial income in a very short space of time.
For information, the average remuneration is:
From 1,000 to 2,000 € per shooting day for a house or apartment,
From 1,500 to 3,500 euros per shooting day for a spacious apartment in Paris, a loft, or a cottage in the suburbs
Moreover, you will be able to live unique moments, recall fantastic memories and encounters with well-known actors and actresses, see your house staged and redesigned from an artistic perspective.
You feel like you are participating in the film in an artistic way because the director will use the atmosphere of your home and your own decorating tastes to make their film. The actors will use your lifestyle and choices of interior design to give live to their character. In short, they will be inspired by and immerse themselves in your own little world. And it's rather rewarding.
For more information, download our complete guide "The practical guide, renting your home for cinema"

 The set crew of France Télévision's TV show "The secret history of songs" put a grand piano in my living room which then became that of the musical animator Alain Manoukian. He interviewed more than 15 stars of French music in the intimacy of my home. This was so amazing, I will never forget it! "


Sarah - Loft owner in Paris

How's it going ?

From your referencing to a shooting proposal

The period between your referencing and a first filming proposal depends on the quality of the location you offer and the interest it will raise among production companies. You will be free to accept or reject any filming request, regardless of the reasons.

Producer selection

We will contact you by phone and set up an appointment for a viewing of your place with the producer. We will tell you who they are, what is the film in development and the scenes to be shot. The producer may be represented by the director, the location manager or the production manager. Allow 5 days to 2 months between the viewing and the actual shooting. This time depends on the production prep time and the type of film. In the event of a positive response, an agreement on the filming conditions and your remuneration shall be reached. A contract is then established by us, with all the guarantees you expect. Just before filming is due to start, a written inventory is made with photos of all the furniture and objects present during filming and the intitial interior design (surfacing for example). You will be able to remove precious objects you do not wish to see on screen.

On the first day of filming

- We formalize your remuneration paid by the production company and we collect the deposit

During the shooting period

- We are in constant contact with you. We remain your privileged interlocutor in case of need.

On the last day of filming

- We proceed to the inventory of places of exit.

Guarantees and security

Cinédécors' mission is to satisfy the needs for sets and shooting locations of films in development.
We are therefore paid directly and only by the production companies. Our fees vary according to the cost and the provision of your property.
The quality of our services depends directly on the smooth running of a shoot on the location you are providing.
Your property can be the subject of regular filming requests for different films. It is therefore essential for us that every shooting satisfies you and leaves you with nothing but wonderful memories which will encourage you to renew the experience.

We are committed to always offering you:
A selection of serious and referenced productions
The highest respect for the shooting locations
The application of a clear and precise contract, respecting your interests
The contribution of all guarantees and insurances
The payment of agreed and immediate remuneration

Desired properties

We mainly list the following types of properties:
 Apartments, houses and villas of 100 m2 minimum or having a main room of 40 m2 minimum
 Any unusual surface such as: Private mansions, Lofts, Workshops, Empty buildings
Building's communal areas (courtyard, building hall, stairs ...)
 Commercial structures: Warehouses, sheds, Office buildings, shops (public houses, garages ...).

Some properties lacking sufficient surface area can also meet demands:
It can be the case if your property possesses an original interior decoration or is entirely designed in a specific style or era.
Similarly, if you have a very spacious kitchen, an incredible bathroom, or a garden worthy of interest, some productions may only use part of your home.

Lastly, you should know that scripts for feature or TV films most often tell stories of everyday life. Actions do not always take place in palaces and luxurious apartments!

Empty homes are also popular because they can be transformed into interior sets without having to move your furniture around or store it in storage units.
If you have put your empty house up for sale, then you should consider renting it as a film set. On average a house stays on the market at least 6 months, which is enough time to find income opportunities in the film industry.
Conditions :
You must be the owner of the premises, otherwise obtain the owner's explicit agreement.
Regarding apartments, the agreement in principle of the property management company will be requested before shooting.
If the common areas of a building are used for photography, the co-ownership is also remunerated.

Examples of places regularly rented for shooting: :